Newhaven Harbour Byelaws

The Harbour Byelaws were enacted in 1931 but are still legally binding now. Below are listed the most relevant and important byelaws Port users should be aware of. Contravening the byelaws is an offence liable to prosecution. Copies of the full version are available to view upon request to the Harbour Master.

1. All vessels will obey the Port Traffic Signals and directions given by the Harbour- Master or his assistants and will only berth or moor as directed.

2. No vessel will be operated within port limits without a competent Master or Pilot in charge.

3. All vessels must provide a declaration on arrival if requested to do so.

5. No vessel to delay or disrupt the operation of the Ferry.

6. Speed limit of 8 knots south of the East Pier Light and 5 knots north of the East Pier Light.

7. All vessels shall be sufficiently manned, have sufficient moorings and working anchors.

8. Vessels will only berth, moor, anchor, load or unload in a place as directed and will shift if required as directed. Vessels shall not then move without permission.

10. Vessels not designated as a tug will not operate as such without permission.

14. Vessels will only moor using the bollards, posts and rings provided.

15. There must be enough qualified and competent persons available at all times to
tend the moorings and shift a vessel if required.

17. No vessel will obstruct the free passage of any part of the harbour.

27. No vessel will depart until all dues and charges have been paid.

29. No road vehicle to obstruct or impede the use of any quays or port land.

31. All goods landed must be removed from the quayside within 48 hours.

41. No dangerous materials allowed without permission.

42. No construction materials to be deposited in the river without permission.

43. No pollution allowed.

44. No dumping or discarding of rubbish, refuse, disused boats, gear or any other material.

45. No removal of sand, shingle, gravel, earth or any other material without permission.

51. Anybody within the harbour without lawful business to be there may be removed from it.

54. No person shall obstruct, impede, molest or interrupt the Harbour Master or any Port Authority employee during the execution of their duties.

57. No person will interfere with lights or signals.

58. No person will damage or deface port property.

59. No person will damage or deface port notices.

60. No person shall exhibit notices without permission.

61. There shall be no public or general meetings or addresses within the port without permission.

62. No person will be a nuisance within the harbour.

65. No person will enter port property without permission.

66. No person will be intoxicated, use bad language, be riotous or indecent.

68. No fishing within the harbour limits without permission. No swimming or bathing within the harbour limits.

69. No stone or missile throwing. No firing guns or fireworks without permission.

71. Dogs to be under control.

73. No selling of merchandise or touting without permission.